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Recommendations from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel - Core Principles of Math Instruction
National Research Council's Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics - Executive Summary

Supporting Struggling Learners in Mathematics

Several important documents can be downloaded here. Be sure to right-click and choose "Open in New Window" to stay on this page.
  1. The IES Practice Guide Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Response to Intervention (RtI) for Elementary and Middle Schools
  2. The IES Practice Guide Developing Effective Fractions Instruction for Kindergarten Through 8th Grade (this is a large file)
  3. Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities or Difficulty Learning Mathematics: A Guide for Teachers

The Powerpoint used in the second Key Strategies for Mathematics Interventions workshop can be downloaded here:
Key Strategies workshop 2 slides.pptx
  • Recommendations from the IES Practice Guide on RtI, and supporting resources for this powerpoint, can be found on
    the Key Strategies page.

Mathematics Intervention Programs

Resources for selecting intervention programs are listed here. Be sure to right-click and choose "Open in New Window" to stay on this page.
  1. Mathematics programs rated by the What Works Clearinghouse as having evidence of positive or potentially positive effects for at least one improvement outcome. You can find more information about each of these programs at the WWC website:
  2. Educator's Guide toWhat Works in Teaching Math, by the Best Evidence Encyclopedia, Robert Slavin, Cynthia Lake, Cynthia Groff
  3. Tier 2 Reading and Math Interventions, a report by the Hanover Research Group. This report summarizes research-based interventions designed to increase reading and math achievement of K-12 students during Tier 2 intervention. A total of 15 interventions are reviewed
  4. Criteria for selecting intervention programs - Intervention Rubric Updated 3-10-11b.doc
  5. Descriptions of several mathematics intervention programs:

Simple Diagnostic Assessments based on intervention recommendations and "core" GLCEs are available on the ISD Mathematics Documents and Tools webpage Also available are samples of Algebra I screening or progress-monitoring assessments.